Well, if you run long enough you’ll have a curve ball thrown into your training plan.  Coming off of my Boston qualifying effort in Charleston in January that’s exactly where I find myself right now.  I find that during peak training, the immune system does it’s job and keeps me healthy.  After the target race and some rest time comes, the immune system says enough I’m taking a break too and invariably I end up sick.  That’s ok, better than happening before a goal race.  At any rate, last Wednesday I went down with flu, followed by bronchitis.  Both of these being respiratory issues causes significant issues running.  After my very lean week the week after the marathon, I ended up with 0 miles in a week due to illness.  This was not my plan and has caused me issues now if I do end up wanting to have a quick turnaround for another race to try and improve my BQ time.

I ran two miles on Tuesday and felt like I ran 20.  It was awesome to get out in the fresh air again.  The good news is that I finally got down to my goal weight of 160.  That means I’m down almost 40 pounds in right about a year.  Now, I just need to stay healthy so I don’t pack the pounds back on.

Also, I got my first pair of New Balance Zante’s.  IMG_2609.JPGI’m looking forward to getting some miles in them.  It’s been a long time since I’ve run in anything but Adidas Adios Boost’s.  I look forward to getting healthy and ramping my mileage back up soon.  It’s been a long week.

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