So, as us runners do, we are able to provide sensible and logical advice to our running friends when it comes to taking breaks due to injury or illness.  However, we throw all of that logic out the window when it comes to ourselves.  Guilty as charged.  So, I am now 13 days out from being diagnosed with flu.  My body followed that up with bronchitis just for fun.  Both of these are respiratory illnesses.  So, it stands to reason there MAY be an effect on running.   Just to clear this up, there IS significant effect on running.  At this point I am only able to go for a few miles at a time with a very elevated HR and very slow pace.  IT. IS. KILLING. ME.

To be fair, my doc told me last week that it would take as long as 4 weeks to regain normal lung function.  Of course, I thought that was for mere mortals.  When my pace and HR didn’t drop fast enough for me I went back to the doc to check for pneumonia.  One negative chest X-Ray later my doc (also a runner) gave me the “I told you so” smile and sent me on my way.  So, not only am I not Superman, I’m apparently a “mere mortal”.  🙂

Seriously, let your body guide you, don’t push too quickly coming back, things will return to normal…eventually. 🙂

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